Airplane carrier

Can know that the transportation of goods by air is a method level higher transportation costs compared to other methods , but if the goods are to be transported high value or influenced by love fill time , this is the most appropriate .

As a trusted partner of international airlines and with a staff of professional , dedicated professional and experienced in the field of transport and logistics , with an extensive dealer network worldwide, CNCLogistics always desired but provides freight forwarding services sometimes do not hang with all items from a normal ( general cargo ) to the surface of frozen seafood , fresh ( perishable cargo ) and dangerous goods dangerous ( dangerous goods ) from Vietnam to the international airport in the world and vice versa .
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a. ??CNCogistics offers services related to air transport pick-up is as follows : Sales agent and freight transportation contracts with several major airlines in the world with higher flight frequency , large payload and fly to almost all over the world .

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On delivery , we undertake diverse services below:

- Package to the airport : For the shipment of goods that customers want to get to the airport . With this form , we will take delivery at the customer 's warehouse in Vietnam , setting out the procedures for export shipment and transport from airport to airport in Vietnam in accordance with the requirements of customer.

- From Airport Airport go to : For those shipments that customers do Customs procedures in Vietnam and delivered to us at the International Warehouse . We will arrange the flight schedule announced for the customer , the goods will be transported from the airport of Vietnam and delivery at the airport or from any airport in the world Airport Vietnam .

- Hand delivery to the consignee : a full service for customers who want delivery to our warehouse / recipient's home , we undertake Human Services Delivery at warehouse in Vietnam , established procedures customs clearance for export , transportation to the airport , up import customs clearance at the airport and then proceed to delivery to the consignee in the fastest time .

c. ? ?Services exports package from packing of goods , loading and unloading , inland transportation , customs clearance , international shipping and home delivery .

d. ? ??Support Services : agent, customs , cargo insurance , provide a certificate of origin , animal and plant quarantine certificate , wooden packaging , fumigation ...