Customs Tax

Due to the need to exchange goods and services among countries increasingly open to trade goods between countries is growing , a growing trend in high -clearance procedure under which goods are also always replace changed .

Anyone know a business that customs clearance of imported goods is extremely complex and not apply the same in every country , especially if documentation is not prepared properly and carefully , the real any discrepancies extent can result in delays , additional costs incurred and even penalties . So the solution look like? CNCLogistics will give you a method of solving this problem with guiding customs procedures in Vietnam quickly to suit each type of customer that you encounter in the course of doing business in Vietnam South .

With a team of experienced professionals , combined with the professional leadership labs , and flexible BOM flexibility customers will have a system that 's perfect for export to CNCLogistics .

For forms of production and export customers will have to temporarily close after import duties and export distribution will be completed this lease ; imported cases over 275 at ma can not test products export customers will must temporarily pay VAT , we CNCLogistics assists customers in this provisional application procedures .