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      • Room 402, 60 Le Trung Nghia Str, Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC
      • Tel : 848 38115028 - Fax: 848 38115029
      • Skype : john.dw07
      • Email : info@cncvnlogistics.com
      CNC Logistics, with the ambition to become one of the leading professional forwarder ompanies in Vietnam, providing diversified services to clients, commitment to offer customers optimal service and effective cost.
      Many years of experience in transportation and international freight, has helped us master delivery, tracking the status of goods via Track & Trace system globally, understanding warehousing, packaging, packing, shipping by air, sea and road, as well as shipping agents ..

      Air Freight

      Can know that the transportation of goods by air is a method level higher transportation costs compared to other methods, but if the goods are to be transported high value or influenced by love fill time, this is the most appropriate.


      Sea Freight

      With a strong dealer network in major port areas of the world, the contract with reputable carriers, CNCLogistics provide shipping services with competitive rates.?


      Custom Brokerage

      Due to the need to exchange goods and services among countries increasingly open to trade goods between countries is growing, a growing trend in high-clearance procedure under which goods are also always replace changed.


      Cross Border Service

      CNCLogistics?provides freight services from Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos in -quota and quota through all the main gate of Tay Ninh , Binh Phuoc and An Giang.